Social Media Tips from 32 Leading Nonprofits

In recent years, the nonprofit world has begun to learn what potential social media really has. Many nonprofits had already understood the importance of sharing their story with the world around them (whether for to raise support or to generate exposure for their organization), but hadn’t adapted the platforms on which the new generation were [...]

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Top 5 Social Media Tips For Nonprofits

Spending your valuable time on growing your online social media presence can seem like a waste when you have more pressing issues to worry about. As a nonprofit, you may be tempted to use your social media sparingly or even not at all. This, though, is to do yourself a disservice. Social media is one [...]

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The Big 3 of Knowing Your Market

The key to successful marketing is knowing your market. The types of ads that appeal to one people group might not appeal to the other, and unless you define who you are targeting, your ads will most likely not be as effective as they can. For instance: My permanent address is in the Silicon Valley, [...]

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Clarifying Your Three “Why’s”

Many people from the private sector fail to realize just how competitive the nonprofit industry can be. In today’s world, every donor, volunteer, and person you hope to serve are faced with more options than they know what to do with. Between email, social media, direct mail, phone calls, donor events, billboards, etc., the average [...]

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